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About us


Conveniently Located.​

Located minutes from the 401 and close to downtown Belleville, the office is convenient for those travelling within and outside of the City of Belleville.  There is an abundance of parking to the left and to the rear of the building.  ​


Updates, upgrades and uplifts.

Continuing from the office's predecessor, we are committed to a complete facility upgrade.  From secure patient electronic files to advanced patient monitoring equipment and surigcal instruments, we are devoted to providing the people of Southeastern Ontario the safest and most contemporary surgical care. 

Committment to patient care.

Dr. Zechel and his staff strive to make the experience of Oral Surgery an enjoyable, fair, respectuful and knowledgable for patients and their families.  You should expect:

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Appointment and Reception:


  • A friendly, accomodating and informative interaction when making your appointment with our appointment facilitator.  While it's not always possible to accomodate every request; wherever possible we will:

    • accomodate emergency appointments;

    • allow changes to your appointment time given 48 hours advance notice;

    • provide a reasonable estimate of charges based on the information we have.






  • During your Consultation - with the surgeon performing your surgery not a "constultant" or "substitute surgeon" - an in-depth discussion and examination will be conducted.  You will:

    • have your medical history reviewed;

    • have your chief complaint and reason for being referred reviewed and this will serve as the basis for reviewing symptoms and other factors that may be important to your condition;

    • undergo a thorough focused physical examination which will include listening to your heart and lungs and evaluating your airway for candidacy for anesthesia;

    • have the surgeon's findings reviewed and explained to you;

    • engage in a discussion with the surgeon regarding the proposed treatment plan and alternative options;

    • be provided with an explanation of the expected surgical outcomes and including how to prepare for surgery and what to expect after surgery;

    • have the opportunity to have your questions answered and discussed

    • be reminded you have the opportunity to ask questions after your appontment either by phone, email or another consultation.






  • By the registered nurse:

    • You will be identified before being brought back to the operating room by two identifiers (e.g. name and birthdate)

    • You will have certain items verified (e.g. your last meal/beverage, current 'colds', a ride present, any piercings, etc...)

    • Monitoring equipment will he attached to you (e.g. blood oxygen sensors, blood pressure cuff, ECG leads, ventilation-verifying sensor)

    • Supplemental oxygen will be given and a small IV tube will be inserted into an arm vein

    • Vital signs will be reviewed and we will confirm (time-out) the procedure planned with the surgeon, staff and the patient present

  • On the order of the surgeon:

    • Medications will be administered - typically through the IV - to induce the desired state of sedation of anaesthesia

  • The surgeon will:

    • Before the patient loses ability to respond, have the patient open their mouth and a bite block/rest will be placed between the teeth;

    • Place a throat screen/guard (to prevent debris from falling into the oropharynx);

    • Await the appropriate state of anaesthesia and then:

      • Administer local anaesthesia (freezing) for intraoperative and postoperative comfort;

      • Perform the appropriate procedure

  • Once the procedure is complete, the Nurse will resume watching over the patient and transfer the patient to the recovery room:

    • Vital sign monitoring will continue and the patient will be watched over by a Nurse;

    • The patient's Ride will be allowed to sit with the patient in recovery;

    • Post-operative instructions will be provided in verbal and written form and the patient will receive:

      • extra gauze for taking home

      • a prescription for appropriate medications (e.g. pain medicines, antibiotics, mouthrinse)

    • Once the patient has met certain criteria such as appropriate vital signs, wakfullness and responsiveness), they will be escorted to their vehicle






  • Early the next day, a Registered Nurse will contact the patient to confirm their comfort and answer any of their questions

    • any significant concerns will be addressed by the Surgeon directly and the patient may be asked to return to the office if anything is out of the ordinary (very rare);

  • ANY concerns can be brought to the Office's attention or Surgeon's attention at any time of the day and appropriate follow-up appointment

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