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S pecial Care Instructions:

Immediate Dentures:
Sinus Precautions:


Jaw fracture & Wired Jaws:



Assuming your dentures were placed at the time of your surgery:

  • Wear your dentures without removing them till next morning when you wake up; then,

  • Remove the dentures and rinse out your mouth several times with mild salt water, wash the dentures of dried blood and debris and place them back in.

  • For the first three days keep your dentures in as long as possible.  If they are removed for an extended period they will likely not fit until the swelling resolves (up to a week).

Follow-up care:

  • You should have plans to follow-up with the provider who made your dentures (denturist or dentist) within 24-48 hours to make any denture adjustments.

  • Though we make every effort to smooth and trim the bone where the teeth were, there simply is no way to completely predict how you will heal.  If at any time you develop the feeling of a sharp piece of bone or rough spot where the denture is placed, please don't hesitate to return to our office.




If you were given "sinus precautions" after your surgery, chances are the removed tooth or procedure was close to or in the sinus.  In order to prevent the development of a communication (tract) between the mouth and sinuses, we ask - along with other post-extraction instructions - you,

  • Do NOT blow your nose or forcefully breathe through the nose,

  • Do NOT sneeze through your nose (direct any sneezes through your open mouth),

  • Do NOT smoke,

  • Do NOT suck through straws,

  • DO use nasal decongestants if prescribed or (if you don't have high blood pressure), use Sudafed as directed for the next two weeks,

  • DO finish the antibiotics you were prescribed to help prevent a sinus infection,

  • DO consider using a non-sedating antihistamine (e.g. Claritin) especially if you're prone to sinus congestion,

  • DO stay well-hydrated.

Let us know if you develop:

  • A situation where drinking water feels like it's entering the nose or air is rushing in your mouth when you breathe through your nose,

  • Fever,

  • Purulent discharge from your nose,

  • Severe sinus pain (pain behind the eyes or cheekbones).




If you have a fractured jaw but were not wired shut or operated on, that doesn't mean the fracture is inconsequential.  In fact, you have to take extra special precautions to protect your jaw.  Because we can't simply put a cast around the jaw to keep the bones from moving, it is up to you to guard the jaw from movement.  To that end:

  • Do NOT chew any foods unless you're given permission by the doctor to do so,

  • Do NOT strain the jaw by yawning excessively,

  • Do NOT press on your jaw with your hands when posturing or resting,

  • Do NOT grind your teeth or clench,

If, during the healing of your jaw you notice your "bite" (the way it feels when your front or back teeth come together) changes from the way it was, you must let us know immediately.  Your jaw may be need to be reset or even wired together.


If your jaw was wired together:

  • Do NOT attempt to cut yourself free of the wires as this will invariably delay your healing and jeopardize proper healing,

  • Do NOT stress the jaw muscles.  Even though you're wired shut, the muscles around the jaws may still disrupt the jaw bones,

  • Your wires may be cut with your supplied wire cutters if there is a medical emergency requiring an intervention such as intubation or emergent suctioniong.

  • Plan on a minimum of four (4) weeks of a non-chew, pureed diet.  Many patients have let us know that it isn't all that bad and they experience old favourites in a whole new way - blenderized.

  • Oral hygiene is critically important as the arch wires can be prone to accumulating plaque and debris.  To that end, keep the arch wires, teeth, and gums clean.  A Water-Pik may be invaluable for this.  Make sure you use your Peridex that was supplied.

  • You were given orthodontic wax.  If there are any pieces of wire sticking into the lips or cheeks causing soreness, cover the wire with wax until your return to our office.



Sinus precautions
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