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Oral & maxillofacial surgeons perform a wide variety of procedures that involve the jaws, the oral cavity, the face and the teeth.  Most of these procedure can be performed in the outpatient office setting.

Dr. Zechel's patience for children is appreciated by parents. Our office understands that while it is true we have done these procedures many many times; for you or your loved one this is likely a first-time experience.  

In an ideal world, your implant can be placed directly into the jaw bone.  Realistically, anatomical variations may require bone to be placed to give your implant a foundation.  In extreme instances, the jaw can be reconstructed using bone from other areas of the body.

We enjoy taking part in your overall orthodontic treatment. Most surgical procedures represent a brief interlude in the context of a lifetime of a healthy and functional smile.

While worrying to patients, most "abnormalities" in the mouth and jaws are treatable in the office; usually with local anaesthetic. Findings more complex are treated and reconstructed with referrals as necessary.

Just like sleeping on a bumpy mattress is uncomfortable, placing dentures on jaw bone that has lumps or bumps can be equally annoying and downright painful.  With your denturist or dentist we'll make your mouth ready for this transition.

Whether in the course of a sporting injury, vehicular accident or biking mishap; the jaws and facial bones can succomb to fractures.  

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